A Word On Terminology

Certain terminology concerning sexual anatomy causes me a measure of dysphoria. For ease of reading, here is a list of terms I will use to refer to my and other’s genitals. When I say cock, I mean the external portion of my clitoris, which thanks to testosterone therapy has grown considerably larger than that of the average cis woman. When I talk about my junk, I am referring to my vulva. I use vagina and front hole interchangeably. Where other people say squirting, I prefer the gender-neutral ejaculating. I call the rest of my sexual organs by their common names, such as g-spot. When referring to these kinds of genitals in a general sense, I will use the clinical terms, such as vulva and clitoris.

I am in a long term, polyamorous relationship with my girlfriend, who is a trans woman. She is not seeking gender affirmation surgery. She prefers her genitals to be called her clit and her prostate to be called her g-spot. She calls ejaculating squirting