Retailers I Love

For Australians, I cannot recommend Max Black enough. It’s the first brick-and-mortar shop I ever visited, and it’s not intimidating in the least. They sell a wide range of body safe, quality toys, with a lean more towards luxury items. They also ship to New Zealand.

Another shop I love is The Slinky Minx! They are an Australian online shop based out of  Adelaide. They are the only Australian seller I can find that stocks New York Toy Collective stuff, and they stock Godemiche! They had a stellar sale a little while ago and I got the Fun Factory Bouncer for only AUD 65!

If shipping costs put you off, then Lovehoney is for you. They do sell a lot of really questionable toys, but if you know what you’re looking for, Lovehoney is a good option. They have an Australian warehouse, so you can get a Doxy Wand or something similar with an AU plug. Free shipping if your order is over $40! I am an affiliate to Lovehoney AU and Lovehoney US.

Early to Bed is a rad little store. While they don’t have the same range as their competitors, they do have a really good selection of gender affirming products for transmasculine people. I am an affiliate for Early to Bed.

I’ve recently fallen for SheBop. It has a solid range, and a really welcoming layout. They sell the B.J. dildo in teal!

SheVibe have a bigger range than you can shake a stick at, competitive pricing, ship crazy fast to Australia, and are well loved by people I trust.