The sky blue L'Amourose Prism V lying on a floral bedspread.

L’Amourose Prism V Review

The sky blue L'Amourose Prism V lying on a floral bedspread.The L’Amourose Prism V has become my sneaky jerk-off vibe, as well as my go-to travel vibe. Last week I was on holidays in the country, and when I was picking what toys I wanted to bring with me, I immediately knew that I wanted the Prism V. I received it from Max Black a few months ago after lusting after it for months, and the honeymoon period looks like it’s never going to end.

The Prism V is made of body safe, non porous silicone, meaning that it won’t leech chemicals or harbour bacteria, and can be cleaned with a toy cleaner or a 10% bleach solution (provided you rinse that off afterwards!). It’s also fully waterproof and submersible! It charges via USB, which I am usually wary of, but I found that the charging for the Prism V was easier than I expected, and it really holds a charge well.

A closeup of the buttons on the L'Amourose Prism VAesthetically, the Prism V is to die for. I chose the sky blue because it made me think of floating on a soft cloud, but it also comes in a royal blue and an orange-y red that are equally enticing. I’ve seen all three models in person, and the colours are as appealing in reality as in photos. The silicone is also some of the best silicone I’ve ever felt on a vibrator. I was a big fan of Lelo’s silicone, but I think this stuff is way silkier. I spent a good ten minutes just stroking it when I pulled it out of the box, it’s that soft. I’m also head over heels with the buttons on this vibe! It is honestly the most intuitive button system I’ve encountered. I can find everything by feel, and when the Prism V is inserted, I don’t even need to think before I can find the buttons to change speed and settings. The plus button is on the lowest portion of the toy, which is where I usually hold it, so it’s no effort at all to turn up the intensity. This is the first vibe where I remember the placings of the buttons by heart. I love it. All vibrators should have buttons like this.

I think the design of the Prism V is incredible. The head is quite large, which helps with putting pressure on my G spot, but also means that I love the Prism V externally. I often find that strong vibes like the We-Vibe Tango are too small to feel good, because I want my vibrator to cover the whole surface area of my cock when I’m masturbating. Because of the effects of testosterone, my cock is larger than the average clitoris, so it’s hard to find external vibrators that are large enough for that. The Prism V, however, pulls through, and I can cover my whole cock with the head. Additionally, the curve is great internally, and really hones in on my G spot. Externally, it is wonderful too. If I use it on my cock with the handle pointing away from me, I can increase the pressure and change the angle without much difficulty. It feels like a natural position for my hand to be in, and doesn’t exacerbate my joint issues. The direction of the handle does make it feel like I’m jacking up a car with each thrust, and it might be a bit difficult if you have short arms, but I find it does the job well. I can thrust and put pressure on my G spot with minimal effort, and, after all, isn’t laziness the point of masturbation?

The sky blue L'Amourose Prism V lying on a floral bedspread.I was really drawn to the Prism V by the promise of rumbly vibrations. I wanted a smaller-sized internal vibrator that I could use easily. I only owned the Lelo Ina 2 and the Fun Factory Big Boss G5, so I needed something that was small enough to insert without preparation, and didn’t have a pesky clitoral arm. I like vibrations internally, but I am more sensitive to buzzy vibrations in my front hole than I am on my cock, so rumbly is a must. Buzzy vibrations make me itch and numb me out, whereas rumbly ones will reach my internal clitoris and add to the whole experience of a vibrator on my cock. These vibrations are sufficiently rumbly, except for a bit of buzz on the higher settings. I like them internally, and I can feel them light up the rest of my internal complexes. Externally, I find them to be strong enough to easily bring me to orgasm. The vibrations do travel up the handle, but they don’t make my hand itch and they don’t hurt my joints in the way something like the Magic Wand does. I’m also a big fan of the patterns. There’s a wave, a faster wave, a pulse, and a random one. Unlike my preferences externally, I like a few patterns in an internal vibe, and I prefer them to be continuous, rather than having breaks between pulses. The Prism V has two continuous vibration settings, and they can be a lot of fun. The random setting is also a fun warm up setting, because my G spot doesn’t know what to expect. The G spot stimulation I get from the Prism V is great, and especially good when paired with thrusting. The neck of the Prism V is thin, so it doesn’t fill me up the way I like, but my G spot is happy enough for that not to matter.

The Prism V is a wonderful travel vibe. It charges via USB, so can be taken internationally. It also holds charge super well. It is a reasonable size in use but doesn’t take up heaps of space when packing, and comes with a storage pouch. It’s not as small as the quintessential travel vibe, the We-Vibe Tango, but if you need broader stimulation or want the option of using it internally, I don’t think you can go past the Prism V. The only downside is that it’s a bit loud, so might be able to be heard through exceptionally thin walls, but I can’t hear it through covers and my bedroom door when it’s on the highest setting.

Other than the volume, I can’t think of anything bad about the Prism V. It is beautiful, designed well, rumbly, strong, and reasonably priced. I am considering buying a second, so I can use both at once. I’ve never considered buying back-ups of a toy before, but the Prism V has brought me to this point. Honestly, I think if you want a rumbly internal vibe or something that feels comfortable during use externally, buy the Prism V. Maybe buy two.

If you’re interested in buying a L’Amourose Prism V, you can find one at my favourite stores: Max Black (AU, NZ), Lovehoney (AU, US, UK), Early to Bed (US), Peepshow Toys (US), SheBop (US), SheVibe (US)

Colourful New York Toy Collective dildos standing in a display. Walls of other toys are visible in the background.

Max Black: A Love Letter

I can smell Max Black from half way down the street. It’s a subtle, clean, fresh-out-of-the-box smell, and it makes me smile every time I notice it. Max Black was the first ever sex shop I visited, and I couldn’t be luckier. It is definitely a “boutique” or “high end” sex store but I strongly believe that these kind of stores should be the norm, rather than the poorly-lit and poorly-stocked “Adult Bookstores” that people usually think of when they think of adult stores. Up the fairy-lit stairs is a welcoming, curated store. My first visit in 2014 was filled with nerves, because sex still held an illicit thrill for me. I had heard about Max Black from a friend, but didn’t know much more than that it sold sex toys, specifically the Lelo Mona. At the time my only exposure to sex toys had been a few Oh Joy Sex Toy comics and a post of two from Epiphora. I didn’t know anything about body safe toys, or vibration quality, or reputable brands. All I could appreciate is good floor design and friendly staff. The first thing that sets Max Black apart from other (less appealing) sex stores is that the walls are white. It’s elegant and understated, so the focus is on the toys, but you don’t feel like you have to run anything under blacklight. The store is in a U-shape, which you follow from vibrators, to dildos, to kink, to anal toys, to strokers, with a side section for the Rubber Room. This allows you to browse at your leisure, and I was never flustered by where to look first. There are luxury modules in glass cases at the sides, for things like unique materials or for particular brands. I remember seeing the njoy module on my first visit and being amazed that they made sex toys out of steel. The now familiar Pure Wand was alien to me then, and I had no idea how it was meant to be used, let alone how amazing it could be. I distinctly remember that the sight of the Pure Plugs was frightening rather than exciting. The kink wall is full of leather cuffs, collars, and whips. At the time, kink wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye, so I didn’t spend too much time lingering there. Instead, the kink section was reserved for furtive glances when I was ostensibly standing in front of the dildos. And oh, the dildos. I found my first love in Tantus that day, with even a small selection of their range on display. They were well crafted, in plain, unassuming packaging, and I could hold a dildo in my hands for the first time.

Colourful New York Toy Collective dildos standing in a display. Walls of other toys are visible in the background.Since then, Max Black has been with me through many firsts. I got my first vibe there, which my then partner bought for my birthday. The $20 Neon Bullet XL was the cheapest toy there, and in hindsight I regret getting something so weak and cheap, but I was enamoured with the experience of buying and owning my very first sex toy all the same. The staff helped me get over my disappointment at the lack of Fuze Velvets in stock, and listened to me rant about everything I loved about the Velvet, before directing me to the Fun Factory Amor. Max Black was where I got my first luxury vibe, the first vibe I truly loved, my first paddle, my first strap on harness, my first butt plug, and my first latex piece. It took me two years to muster up enough courage to venture into the Rubber Room, but upon my meek request to “Uh… have a look at the… l-latex, please?”, the staff were so welcoming and informative. Max Black has introduced me to brands like the Australian leather company Wild Hide, and Tom of Finland’s kink range, as well as introducing me to real, printed books about sex and kink. The staff were irreplaceable during the We-Vibe Touch saga, I’ve never been yelled at when my (and I say this with love) annoying friends hit me with display dildos, and they taught me how to test-hit paddles on the backs of my calves.

Each item on sale is carefully chosen and high quality. While there are some toys I would be reticent to try (*cough* Jimmyjane *cough*), the selection is high quality and body safe. Some people I know complain about their high price point, but these toys are well-made and already expensive, plus the cost of running a brick and mortar store is expensive, especially if you have to ship products to Australia. Max Black is not just a place to buy sex toys, it’s a place to experience them and to learn. It’s an invaluable resource to the Sydney sex positive community, and I’m so glad I get to live in the same city as such an amazing store.

The njoy Pure Wand in its box

njoy Pure Wand Review

The njoy Pure Wand next to my handThe njoy Pure Wand is larger than life. I’d read rave reviews of it for years before I bought it, and the first thing I noticed was that it was much smaller than I had imagined. It’s like meeting a celebrity and being shocked at how short they are – there is such a charged presence to them, that it’s jarring when they don’t fit your inflated sense of them. However, the Pure Wand, unlike meeting your favourite celebrity, is just as good as it is promised to be.

The Pure Wand has spawned a lot of copycat toys, which is a testament to its notoriety. As far as I know, though, the Pure Wand is the only toy in this smiley shape that is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is hard, hefty, safe, and sexy. I have a bit of a burgeoning metal kink,  and the Pure Wand is definitely helping that take form.The design is simple, but sleek in its simplicity. The shininess is enticing, and can act as an impromptu vulva mirror if you’re in need of that sort of thing. There’s some kind of prehistoric urge that makes us attracted to shiny things, and the Pure Wand is no exception. When you pull it out of the satin-lined box, the first thing you notice is the weight. Having something so heavy that it almost feels imbued with intention is really hot, in my opinion. There’s no forgetting what you’re holding, or what’s inside of you. This weightiness means that the Pure Wand really follows through on it’s thrusts. A slight tilt will feel magnified because there is no give to the metal. I really enjoy how cool it feels against my skin, as well as the heat it picks up after I’ve fucked myself with it. The curve is also ingenious, because it finds my G spot without much help and sticks right into it.

The larger end of the njoy Pure WandWhat do orgasms with the Pure Wand feel like? They feel strong, wave like, and broad. After testosterone, I found that my orgasms became more localised. Whereas before hormones orgasms rolled all through my body, I mostly feel them just in my genital area nowadays. However, with the Pure Wand, I can feel the orgasm in my thighs and stomach, a much larger area than usual. They feel like a release of tension, and this release can sometimes be coupled with the physical release of ejaculation. The Pure Wand can also intensify an external vibrator, and I love using it with my Eroscillator for a really unique sensation. I sometimes find the Pure Wand too intense just after orgasm, because even the slightest tilt stimulates my G spot. Orgasms with the Pure Wand aren’t easy, because it is a hefty piece of equipment and take a bit of a toll on my noodle-like arms, but they are easy to make intense. A few well timed thrusts with the Pure Wand can turn a mediocre orgasm into something worth blogging about.

The Pure Wand is less of a sex toy than it is a sex tool. Anything made of stainless steel kind of has to be. Just like you wouldn’t just throw a belt sander around without learning how to use it, the Pure Wand has a serious learning (as well as a literal) curve. It can bring amazing orgasms, but you have to work out how best to bring those about. Of course, this is going to be different for every body, but I have a few tips.

  • Don’t use the Pure Wand if you aren’t aroused, because it is seriously intense if you aren’t ready for it. Because arousal enlarges the G spot, it can feel a bit like aimless jabbing if you aren’t turned on. I feel like I’m turning into a salad spinner if I’m not ready to use the Pure Wand, which makes me feel even more unsexy.
  • Prop your arm up on some pillows or a thigh, because your elbows and shoulders can tire out easily, especially if you’re settling in for a long session.
  • Don’t use the Pure Wand if you’re not ready to put in a bit of work. The neck of the Pure Wand is really thin, which makes thrusting easy, but doesn’t work if you just want to clench around your dildo.
  • Scooping motions feel amazing, but soft jiggles or strokes also work well to warm up. Don’t feel like you have to be thrusting with wild abandon just to get something out of the Pure Wand – some of my best sessions have been relaxed and gentle.
  • Use shallower motions until you work out where your pubic bone is, because the Pure Wand could (quite uncomfortably) hook into it otherwise.
  • Employ a lighter touch when the larger end is inserted, because it’s heavier and covers more surface area.
  • The Pure Wand is known as the ejaculation dildo, but don’t feel like you have to ejaculate every time. G spot orgasms and blended orgasms are just as good! The Pure Wand can provide a variety of different sensations, don’t get caught up in creating only one kind.

The njoy Pure Wand in its boxOf course, the Pure Wand isn’t all sunshine, roses, and ejaculate. It is seriously heavy hunk of metal, and if you have any upper body mobility issues, this is going to exacerbate them. I have a chronic joint condition, especially in my elbows, and some grip issues, and the Pure Wand makes these issues worse, even if I cocoon myself in supportive pillows. It is slightly lighter if the larger end is inserted, because my body supports some of the weight, but I still have difficulties manipulating it. I also only really get use out of half of the dildo. I prefer broad stimulation on my G spot, just like I prefer broad stimulation on my cock, and the smaller end doesn’t provide that. I use it maybe an eighth of the time that I use the Pure Wand. Another thing I find is that the smaller end is more likely to hook onto my pubic bone. Also, for some unknown reason, the Pure Wand tends to make me fart, which is really annoying when I’m trying to put on a show for someone else.

It has to be said, nothing can be assured to give you an orgasm, but there are some toys that are more likely to do so than others. Powerful vibrators, like the Doxy Wand, for example, are more likely to give you an orgasm than weaker ones, like Toyfriend Ticklers. The Pure Wand, I would argue, is more likely to give you an orgasm than any other dildo I own. This dildo is visually appealing, unique, and just works. Of course, if you don’t like G spot stimulation, this dildo isn’t the one for you, but if you do, I think it’s invaluable.

If you’re interested in buying a njoy Pure Wand, you can find one at my favourite stores: Lovehoney (AU, US, UK), Early to Bed (US), Peepshow Toys (US), Good Vibrations (US), SheVibe (US), SheBop (US)

A full-length photo of the Doxy Wand

Doxy Wand Review

A full-length photo of the Doxy WandWand vibrators are my jam. I adore them. While I’m not the person to suggest that your first vibrator should be a knock-your-socks-off powerhouse, I personally love powerful and broad vibes like the Doxy Wand. It may seem like once you’ve tried one wand vibrator, you’ve tried them all, but that’s not true. There’s a lot of factors other than just raw power, like head shape, vibration quality, material, mains powered or rechargeable, whether it’s waterproof, and so on. I haven’t had the luxury of trying many wand vibrators other than the Doxy and the Vibratex Magic and Mystic Wands, but even considering the other vibrators in my collection, the Doxy Wand comes out on top.

There are two categories of reasons as to why I love the Doxy: why I love it as a sex toy user, and why I love it as an Australian. First of all, the vibrations on the Doxy are seriously rumbly, and I can feel them vibrating the whole of my internal clitoris, without buzzing against my pubic bone. I can feel my whole genital area light up when I initially press the Doxy against it. It makes thrusting a dildo even more intense than if I was using a different vibe, because the vibrations reach that far. The head is sufficiently broad, and has a bit of squish so I can jam it up against my cock without bruising either my cock or my mons. As I’ve said in my bio, I prefer this stronger kind of vibration to come through my hood rather than directly onto the exposed portion of my cock. I find that the Doxy doesn’t force orgasms out of me in the way that the Magic Wand does, but that I have some control over when I orgasm through the use of my kegel muscles. This allows the build up to be much more pleasurable, and I can hold onto the lovely, toe-curling portion just before orgasm for a much longer period. The controls are easy to understand, with large buttons spaced a reasonable distance apart, so I don’t accidentally turn it off when IThe buttons on the Doxy Wand: minus, plus, power. meant to turn it up. There is also a pattern on the Doxy, which is an escalating vibration that goes from the lowest intensity to the highest intensity. You can change the speed of the escalation with the up and down buttons. This is my favourite type of pattern, because it is variable and has negligible gaps between each portion. However, I find it a bit difficult to turn the wand over to the pattern, which requires you to press the power button in quick succession. I find it difficult to work out exactly how close together or far apart the presses are meant to be in order to start the vibration pattern. Even so, I really enjoyed this vibration pattern, and I was able to orgasm from it alone.

The Doxy Wand really pulls through for me when nothing else will. At the beginning of 2017, I was incredibly anxious because of some feelings I had for a friend, centring around my fear of rejection, and this made my orgasms difficult to reach. The build up wasn’t pleasurable and the actual orgasm was weak, because I had to strain so much to even get close. I couldn’t orgasm with gentler vibes like the Iroha Midori, and the usually powerful suction of the Satisfyer Pro 2 wasn’t doing anything for me. They didn’t even feel good. I was scared, especially since I had just ventured into the world of sex toy reviewing, that my ability to orgasm would be gone forever. This made me more anxious, which made orgasming hard even after I had opened up about my feelings. I looked to my wand vibrators in my time of need. The Magic Wand made me orgasm, but the build up was still bland and the orgasm hard to reach. However, when I used the Doxy Wand, I really relaxed into it, and the orgasm that came with it was something close to normal. I think it has something to do with the rumbliness, but whatever the reason, the Doxy will forever be my first choice when I need a quick, easy orgasm, whatever the circumstances.

As for the reasons why I like the Doxy as an Australian, it all comes down to the AU plug. Most mains powered vibrators come from the US, and often aren’t made with an Australian power plug. For my Neon Wand, Eroscillator, and Magic Wand, I have to use a step down transformer, which turns the higher Australian voltage into something US appliances can deal with. It’s heavy, takes up a lot of space in my drawers, and is just a general inconvenience. If I want to take something to someone else’s house, or even a play party, I have to cart both the actual toy and the transformer. It’s so exciting to have something equivalent to the Magic Wand in power that I can plug right into mains power. While the Magic Wand is about AUD 80, if you include shipping from the US and the price of the step down transformer (about AUD 50), it starts getting pretty close to the AUD 200 that the Doxy Wand retails for. If you’re in the US, I’m not sure if I would recommend buying the Doxy Wand, because it retails for USD 140, and that seems a bit steep. I would recommend opting for something non-porous instead, like the Magic Wand Rechargeable. (I am still yet to try the MWR but I had heard good reviews from people I trust.)

The porous head of the Doxy WandHowever, it’s not all sunshine and roses with the Doxy. Primarily, the head of the Doxy is porous, so can’t be fully disinfected. It’s not safe for use between non-fluid bonded partners, and can harbour bacteria. While I don’t use the Doxy Wand with partners, I would still appreciate the peace of mind that comes with a non-porous vibrator. There is another (more expensive) model with a silicone head, the Doxy Die Cast, but that is more expensive and not as readily available in Australia. Another downside, which is true of most wand vibrators, is that the Doxy is pretty heavy. I have a chronic joint condition, which means that sometimes the Doxy is hard on my elbows and wrists. It’s also loud, but with a low rumble rather than a high-pitched whir. This is not a stealthy toy but any means. And, perhaps most infuriatingly, the Doxy starts on the middle setting, meaning if you want to start on the lower vibration settings, you have to turn it down before using it. This seems non-sensical – why put a whole heap of vibration intensities below, where someone might not realise they are? I don’t generally use a gentler vibrator before using the Doxy, so I want to start on the lowest settings, and it just means that there’s a few extra moments of frustration before I get to put the vibe on my genitals.

In my opinion, given how often I use the Doxy, the convenience of an AU plug, and the situations in which it has saved me from abject fear, it is worth the AUD 200 I spent on it. In the question that every sex toy reviewer eventually gets asked, “If you could only use one toy for the rest of your life, what would it be?”, my answer is, hands down, the Doxy Wand. It is not just among my favourites, it is my favourite. However, if you don’t adore wand vibrators, are happy with your Magic Wand, or need a non-porous surface for your vibrator, I don’t think that the Doxy Wand is for you. For the rest of you though, have at it!

If you’re interested in buying a Doxy Wand, you can find one at my favourite stores: Lovehoney (AU, US, UK), Early to Bed (US), Peepshow Toys (US), SheVibe (US), SheBop (US)

For a silicone head, buy the Doxy Die Cast at my favourite stores: Lovehoney (US, UK), Peepshow Toys (US), SheVibe (US), SheBop (US)

The blue, pink and orang Vixen Creations Mustang lying on a table.

Vixen Creations Mustang Review

The blue, pink and orang Vixen Creations Mustang standing upright on a table.When I bought the Vixen Creations Mustang, I was honestly only thinking about aesthetics. I had already tried two dual density dildos and wasn’t wow’ed by the texture, so I thought that a third dildo wouldn’t change that. What drew me to the Mustang was the idea of a realistic dildo in a non-realistic colour. Previously, my primary consideration in dildos was “How will this feel when I’m strapping on?”, with my own use a secondary consideration. Now, though, I buy dildos for myself and any strap on use they see is an added bonus. So, I wanted something that looked pretty, and that meant a deviation from the pale flesh tones I used to prefer. When I received the Mustang, for that reason, I was disappointed. Rather than a mixture of different colours, the colours on my Mustang were three very straight, discrete lines. There were no waves, and only a few flecks of a different colour interspersed between the big blocks. But the Mustang has sky rocketed, against the odds, to my favourite dildo. Over time, I’ve even started to love the colours. While they aren’t intermingled perfectly, they still look lovely in natural light, and are bright and inviting. In my end of 2016 post, I wrote that I felt guilty about liking squishy dildos. First of all, most marketing says that these dildos are more “realistic”, and I loathe the implication – or sometimes outright statement – that dildos can somehow replace a flesh and blood person. But mostly, it’s the feeling that softer dildos are somehow juvenile, that I should have moved on. If my goal is G-spot orgasm, I adore my literally hard-as-nails njoy Pure Wand, but if I’m just relaxing, I usually want something softer, and dual density does the trick. Another thing that should make me and the Mustang incompatible is that fundamentally, I am a lazy masturbator. I pick the strongest vibrator and the closest dildo, and I get the job done quick. Now that I’m growing my collection, I try to opt for something with a bit more finesse, or with an interesting sensation, like the Pure Wand or the Eroscillator, but that has to be a conscious choice. If left to my natural inclinations, it’s just me, a set it and forget it dildo, and the Doxy Wand. There are two things to notice about the Vixen Creations Mustang – I have to clean it every damn time, and I use it anyway.

The blue, pink and orang Vixen Creations Mustang lying on a table.So why do I keep coming back? First of all, I was wrong about all dual density toys being the same. I love the Mustang’s squish. I think Vixen Creations’ Vixskin is softer than Tantus O2, but with a thinner outer layer than on the New York Toy Collective pack and plays. Because of this, I don’t like the Mustang as a set it and forget it dildo as much as I like the Shilo for that purpose. There is less for my PC muscles to squeeze around, so I need to thrust it for the best experience. The Mustang, instead, shines in the way it interacts with my G spot. The Mustang is very adept at finding my G spot, with a very pronounced curve, and it gives me a gentler kind of stimulation than I get from something hard like the Pure Wand. It gives me the pressure I want from a G spot toy, but without the worry of accidentally jabbing the wrong spot or catching on my pubic bone. Also, the Mustang stimulates the rest of my vaginal walls with its perfect size. 1.5 inches is an easy feat for me without warm up, feeling just full enough, without any pain on insertion. Even though the Shilo and the Mustang are the same size, I don’t feel like I need to upsize after a while of using the Mustang. Sure, it can help if I want to use something like the Tantus Cush, but most of the time I’m happy with just using the Mustang alone. Another plus to the Mustang is the part just under the head that looks like a folded down foreskin, which A close up of the head and foreskin of the Vixen Creations Mustang.rubs against my vaginal walls when the head is focused on my g spot. This is a nice bit of texture that stimulates a sensitive part of my body that often goes ignored. I want more dildo manufacturers to give some thought to the rest of the front vaginal walls other than the G spot, because there are still a lot of pleasurable sensations that can originate in that area. The ridge under the foreskin gives the same tugging sensation that I get from a coronal ridge, so it doesn’t have to just rely on the texture of the dildo alone. I love thrusting with the Mustang, because the combination of the G spot curve, the extra stimulation for the front walls, and the softness of Vixskin means that I get the best of of the dildo when it’s moving.

Just a note on cleaning: the Mustang has a somewhat sticky texture, and attracts dust and hair like no dildo I have ever seen. I need to wash it before use, and give it a thorough scrub with a soft toothbrush afterwards, to clean out the fine texture. However, it is quality silicone, and can be boiled to be disinfected. If you are going to use the Mustang, you have to be prepared to clean it, but I love it enough that I’m able to get over this downside. Another thing that is a little annoying is that the Mustang is equipped with a suction cup, but I find that this suction cup is entirely defunct, as it fails after a few seconds, even on something as smooth as a mirror. It provides some suction on a flat surface when gravity is working with it, but I find the angle is a bit awkward then, and the Mustang doesn’t follow the natural curve of my vaginal canal.

If 1.5 inches is your girth sweet spot too, you like softer materials but haven’t tried Vixskin, or you’re craving a softer kind of G spot stimulation, the Mustang is right up your alley. I honestly think that if I had to choose one dildo for life, this would be it.

If you’re interested in buying a Vixen Creations Mustang, you can find one at my favourite stores: Lovehoney (AU, US, UK), Early to Bed (US), Good Vibrations (US), Peepshow Toys (US), SheBop (US), SheVibe (US)

The New York Toy Collective Shilo lying down.

New York Toy Collective Shilo Review

The New York Toy Collective Shilo standing uprightShipping is the bane of my Australian existence. I hate the waiting, I hate the “will it even get here” stress, and I hate the price. But, the fact is, my local sex shop is not omnipotent, and they don’t stock every sex toy I could possibly want, so shipping costs are a necessary evil. It added almost a third of the price to the New York Toy Collective Shilo, leading me to believe that I would never own it. That was, until I found the Slinky Minx. An Australian store! That stocked NYTC! I was in heaven.

Why was I so anxious to own the Shilo? Well, the Shilo seems to be the best pack-and-play dildo on the market. It has an inner posable core that makes it much more flexible than other pack-and-play dildos, avoiding the awkward half-boner that I’ve seen with dildos like the Tantus Pack-and-Plays. NYTC has enticing videos of people wearing their toys with hardly any bulge at all. The thought of wearing a dildo out for the whole day and being able to head home and just dive straight into sex is a luxury I never thought I’d have, but now it’s entirely possible.

The Shilo’s packaging is pretty uninspiring. In retrospect, for AUD 200, I wanted a box with at least a ribbon or something. It comes in what is essentially a zip lock bag with a little sticker on the front telling you which NYTC product is inside (which you already know because the bag is… clear). But when I first saw the Shilo sitting on my girlfriend’s desk, the packaging was the furthest thing from my mind. I pulled it out of the package and immediately had it in my hands. The Shilo is just as squishy as it’s promised to be, and I don’t find the harder inner core to be particularly noticeable when squeezing it in my hands, except just underneath the frenulum. It bended easily, and I wasn’t worried that it was going to snap under my hands. The realism is very impressive, with serious skin detail, and slight but visible veins.

The Shilo performs well when packing. I like a noticeable bulge even when soft packing, so I was able to achieve that, but it folds right between the legs to provide a much more subtle effect. I found that my legs pushed it around a little, so it became straighter in my pants, but my jeans are usually quite tight, so saved me from any awkward boner situations. However, you have to wear the Shilo with a normal harness rather than a packing harness, so you need a really comfortable harness if you’re going to be wearing it throughout the day. I haven’t used it with a RodeoH, but I imagine that would be the best option, or some other soft fabric harness like the Joque. Otherwise, I find that the combo of the Shilo, the leather straps, and the sweat makes a quick recipe for chafe.

A close up of the New York Toy Collective Shilo's headAt first, I didn’t love the Shilo when I used it vaginally. However, after a few attempts, I’ve found the right formula that makes the Shilo work for me. I find I have to be aroused before I start using the Shilo, so that my G-spot is a little more prominent, and that I have to thrust, so that the coronal ridge catches onto my G-spot and pulls at it. The head is a lot larger than it looks in photos, which aids this kind of tugging. This stimulation is quite gentle, but enough for an enjoyable addition to external stimulation. If I thrust too hard, the Shilo entirely straightens out, so it is not ideal if you need a pronounced curve to get G-spot or prostate stimulation. I also like to use the Shilo as a “set it and forget it” dildo, because the softer silicone is really fun to clench around. Although, sometimes I want something thicker after I’ve used it for a while, because while the Shilo is at my sweet spot of 1.5 inches in diameter, it feels a lot smaller in use because of the squishier silicone. I also expected the Shilo to be draggy because of its skin-like texture, but I found that it was easy to insert with sparing amount of a thin lube.

I’m going to deviate a little from the usual form of my reviews, and talk about how this dildo stands up when I’m fucking someone else. That was my original intention when buying the Shilo, and the appeal of a pack-and-play dildo is that you eventually get to fuck someone with it. I found that the bendiness made it hard to insert becThe New York Toy Collective Shilo lying down.ause the dildo would turn away from my girlfriend’s ass in a way that firmer dildos don’t, so I had to really concentrate on lining it up. I’ve heard from other reviews that the bendiness of the Shilo stops it from slipping out so much, but I found the opposite was true during rear-entry positions. It came out so much more often than, say, the Velvet did. In missionary, however, it stayed in well, but I find this is true of the position with most dildos. The base of the Shilo isn’t squishy, but I found it comfortable on my mons, and it didn’t bruise even after vigorous fucking. My girlfriend liked it plenty, and didn’t find that it poked her uncomfortably at any point, as other dildos of this length can.

The Shilo is nothing special when it comes to fucking, but if you want a pack and play dildo, in my opinion, there’s no competition. There’s something incredibly satisfying to being able to fuck on a minutes notice, and there’s an undeniable anticipation that comes with hard packing. If you want a dildo that is comfortable to wear and to fuck with, I don’t think you can go past the Shilo. It’s hardly my favourite dildo, but if I lost it somehow, I’d buy another one in a heartbeat.

If you’re interested in buying a New York Toy Collective Shilo, you can find one at my favourite stores: The Slinky Minx (AU), Early to Bed (US), SheBop (US), SheVibe (US)

The Iroha Midori, with some of the outer silicone layer being pinched to create a wrinkle,

Tenga Iroha Midori Review

The Iroha Midori in its magnetic charging case, which is a covered by clear plastic.I got to know my Tenga Iroha Midori again this Christmas, while my family were over and I was sleeping in the lounge room because someone was staying in my room. It’s quiet, small, and for a long while has lived in my bedside drawer. Before a shower, I can shove it in my pocket without anyone noticing as I sneak out of my room and into the bathroom. (Not that the Iroha line are waterproof, they’re only splash proof, but the bathroom is the only room in my house with a lock.) Over this time, I remembered why I was devoted to this little vibrator for so long. The first vibrator I ever used was a partner’s original model of the Lelo Mona, and while it gave me easy orgasms, I found the shape awkward for external stimulation, especially after hormones. I received the Neon Bullet XL (which I only picked because it was neon green) for my 18th birthday, and it ran on one AAA battery and had one pathetic speed. I then bought the Pipedream Maxi Wanachi Massager, which was super buzzy (read: bad) and noisier than I was comfortable with. My first luxury vibrator was the ill-fated We-Vibe Touch, which I exchanged for the Iroha Midori. I was a bit nervous about the magnetic charging, but it seemed that gravity and the nice charging house worked in my favour, and I have never had a problem with charging the Midori. The Midori was the first vibrator that I really loved, that really worked for me. It was a stalwart for a good year and a half, until I encountered the  powerhouse that is the Magic Wand, and subsequently bought my beloved Doxy Wand. With the combination of the Doxy and more time home alone, I didn’t need the Midori as much anymore, because size and noise volume weren’t important factors in my masturbation anymore. That doesn’t mean that the Midori isn’t any good though, as I learnt these holidays.

The Iroha Midori sitting on fabric.The Midori isn’t as strong as the Touch, and only has three speeds to the Touch’s four. However, I can come on the second setting, and the third setting gets me there with ease. I would consider the Midori to be gentle. (Evidence that high-power wands do not numb your genitals, at least not permanently.) The vibrations are also acceptably rumbly, which is impressive because this line is Tenga’s first shot at making a vibrator, as opposed to the penis masturbators they also design. I chose the Midori instead of the other vibrators in the original Iroha line because it was green for the possibility of both broad and pinpoint stimulation, because I was just working out what I liked in a vibrator. I now know that I like gentler vibrators to be more pinpoint, so I can position them on the exposed tip of my cock, and stronger vibrators to be more broad, so I can stimulate the shaft of my cock through the hood. The smaller section of the Midori toes that line between broad enough to cover the tip of my cock, which has grown due to hormones, and pinpoint enough to deliver really direct vibrations to that area. What makes the Midori my The Iroha Midori, with some of the outer silicone layer being pinched to create a wrinkle,favourite vibrator for this kind of stimulation is something that I think is unique to the Iroha line – they are all made of a soft, squishy elastomer covered in body-safe silicone. This means that I can apply a lot of pressure to my cock without feeling like it is being crushed, and I don’t feel bruised afterwards like I can from an intense session with the Magic Wand. Before hormones, I also used to liked to use the Midori upside down, with the power buttons facing away from me, and most of the body of the vibrator in contact with my junk, butI find this too diffuse nowadays, because the vibrations are focused in the smaller portion.

The Midori is a commendable first vibrator from Tenga, especially with the soft texture. It is not incredibly pinpoint, but it is not too broad for my tastes. I would definitely recommend it as someone’s first luxury vibrator if they know they can orgasm from medium-level vibrations.

If you’re interested in buying a Tenga Iroha Midori, you can find one at my favourite stores: Max Black (AU, NZ), SheVibe (US)

A still from Fucking Mystic, where Chelsea Poe throws Daisy Ducati onto a bare mattress, bathed in pink light. Daisy's head and torso are in shot, but only Chelsea's torso and arms visible.

Fucking Mystic Review

The cover of the film Fucking Mystic, with a waist high photo of Chelsea Poe.I don’t know how or why my obsession with Chelsea Poe began, but almost everyone who knows I watch porn knows that she is my favourite performer. Not only is she incredibly attractive, but she also seems to really earnestly enjoy other people’s pleasure when she’s having sex with them. She is supremely talented, and has received deserved recognition for that. Fucking Mystic really shows her versatility, from vanilla scenes to submission to domination. The vague plot is that Chelsea has moved to the Bay Area, and that before she left, her girlfriend gave her a talisman that makes people really, really want to have sex with her. Some people might be uncomfortable with the way this could possibly be seen as non-consent, but I think the enthusiasm of the performers cuts through that. The plot is simple and not distracting from the main game, but there’s definite continuity of the plot through the scenes. This film has five scenes, but I feel like it’s more like four and a half. I don’t like every scene, but the ones that I do, I like a lot. Fucking Mystic is a really important film for me, because it really shaped my understanding of sexuality. It was the first time I had ever seen ball gags, fisting and squirting in porn, and these are all my favourite things to see in porn and in my real life sex life. Fucking Mystic is a whole hour long, was produced by Trouble Films in 2014, and directed by Courtney Trouble.

Scene 1: Chelsea Poe & Sandy Bottoms

A still from the first scene of Fucking Mystic, with Chelsea Poe and Sandy bottoms lying in bed together.

There’s no real lead in to this scene, other than a few stills of a window and a cat, but this isn’t jarring, as there is a slow build up before any sex happens. This is meant to be an early morning sex scene before Chelsea leaves to go to Oakland. The lighting makes this really convincing, with a natural, soft tone. The close ups of Sandy and Chelsea’s faces and body parts make it feel really intimate and tender. I really like Chelsea’s short snippets of dialogue in any scene she’s in, and this one is no different. The first thing you hear her say is a cheery “Good morning, you’re so cute when you cum!” There’s also good communication that continues throughout the film, especially when someone is fingering Chelsea and she tells them how many fingers to use. This is a nice bit of realism that usually gets edited out of mainstream porn. I have a few minor gripes, but they are very minor. Occasionally the camera will go in and out of focus, a problem that I have noticed in a lot of indie porn, but it’s not as distracting as in other films. There are also a few times when sound from one scene bleeds into the other, but it’s obvious that this is deliberate. It might not be distracting for you if you aren’t literally psychotic and hear voices that aren’t there on the daily, but I really really hate this in any kind of media. Also, I feel like Sandy said “fuck me like that” enough times that it stopped feeling like a heat-of-the-moment direction and more like a scripted line. There is nothing especially unique about this scene in my opinion, but if it’s trying to show comfortable, affectionate sex, it does that well. It’s the kind of scene I would recommend to someone just dipping their toes into queer porn, rather than drop them in the deep end of the squirt-pool.

Scene 2: Chelsea Poe & Courtney Trouble

A still from Fucking Mystic, where Courtney Trouble is uncuffing Chelsea Poe from a St Andrew's cross, while kissing.

Chelsea arrives in Oakland, meets her new roommate who is definitely a cameo from an important porn performer (possibly Kitty Stryker?) who I cannot recognise, and then Chelsea needs “to go get some fucking groceries”. These groceries involve a LOT of bacon, a jawbreaker gag, and a lovely femme dom Courtney Trouble. Cut to Courtney’s place, where Chelsea is cuffed to a St. Andrew’s Cross. This lead me to question if my bondage proclivities came from childhood exposure to paintings of Catholic martyrs tied to trees. This scene is incredibly hot. Courtney rips Chelsea’s underwear to shreds, Chelsea gets saliva absolutely all over herself, and Courtney goes down on her without so much as smudging her perfect red lipstick. There is fisting and squirting and Courtney Trouble’s signature giggle, all of which make for a very enjoyable scene. The only thing I didn’t like about this scene is that it felt short. Not in a “I liked this and wish it had gone on for longer” kind of way, but I felt that a lot of the build up was cut out of the scene. There was a lot of (very enjoyable) time spent on Courtney going down on Chelsea, but it seemed like there was not as much time and importance given to Courtney being fingered/fisted.

Scene 3: Chelsea Poe & Daisy Ducati

A still from Fucking Mystic, where Chelsea Poe throws Daisy Ducati onto a bare mattress, bathed in pink light. Daisy's head and torso are in shot, but only Chelsea's torso and arms visible.

This is my absolute favourite scene in the whole film. That’s not to say that the previous scene isn’t a close second, but this scene hits more of my switches. (Switches, geddit?) Namely, strap on sex. It just starts out fantastically, with Chelsea marching into the Feelmore Adult Gallery in a “Kill Me” shirt. Daisy Ducati has a really expressive face and I especially love the enthusiastic “fuck yeah” she gives when Chelsea asks if she wants to fuck. The end up in someone’s bedroom, which consists of a clothes-covered floor, a bare mattress and harsh pink light. This feels really dirty and rough from the beginning, and the rest of the scene doesn’t disappoint. At first, the angled shot and the moving camera made me a little dizzy, but this seems to even out as the scene progresses. There are so many things to like about this scene: the rope harness that Chelsea uses to yank Daisy around with, Chelsea wearing an Aslan Leather Jaguar harness to fuck Daisy with the longest dildo I have ever seen, more clothes ripping, and Chelsea commanding Daisy to keep her attention focused solely on her. The synopsis of this film says that Chelsea is a “bratty” top in this scene, and I really appreciate the self-confidence and energy it takes to pull that off. It’s obvious that these performers are incredibly physically talented as well, and Daisy seems to constantly be stretching her legs at difficult angles, which makes this scene even more impressive. Yet again this scene had a minor audio issue, where there was a disconnect between the sound and the words Chelsea’s lips were forming on screen. Also, I was disappointed with the extended close up shot of Daisy being fucked when it was obvious that Chelsea was fucking Daisy’s throat with her fingers, which would have been much more interesting to watch in my opinion. Plus, I was a little let down that Daisy bought a ball gag earlier in the scene but it never got to be used. There was just some incredible chemistry in this scene and the artistic choices really enhanced the mood of it all. I love a scene where I can appreciate the physical abilities of the performers while still being very turned on.

Scene 4: Chelsea Poe & Ruckus & Nefarious

A still from Fucking Mystic. Chelsea Poe is lying on a couch. The text over the top is an IM conversation. It reads "ChelseaPoe666: wanna listen to some records and makeout?" "RuckusXXX: sure, that sounds fucking great!" "B_Nefarious: yeahhhhh c u later bb."

When talking about Fucking Mystic with friends, regardless of whether they have watched it or if I am trying to convince them that they need to, I almost always forget about this scene. It’s at best boring, and, at worst, physically painful to watch. If you are into serious tattoos, or just really want to see two cis dudes get it on, you might like this scene, but I felt pretty let down with this one. The worst part is the visual effect which continues throughout the whole scene, which is kind of like a 3D effect, except instead of a blue and red overlay, it is a yellow and green overlay. The colour choice feels really appropriate for the scene, and they use the exact shade of lime green that my punkiest friend has for his spacers. However, it really hurts my eyes, and if I have even the inkling of a headache, this scene is guaranteed to bring it on full force. If I can get over that, though, then I can sit through the rest of the scene, but even then it isn’t anything to write home about. Both Ruckus and Nefarious are very quiet, and hardly ever moan unless they’re cumming. This is disappointing – if I wanted to watch silent dudes, I’d stick with mainstream porn. They also don’t have very expressive faces, almost like they don’t care about what they’re doing. Chelsea has an incredibly enthusiastic face when she’s performing, but you rarely get to see any of that. There are some nice shots of her ass and her face when Ruckus and Nefarious cum on her tits though, but those moments don’t redeem this scene for me.

A still from Fucking Mystic. Ruckus and Nefarious are kissing.

Scene 4.5: Orgy

Andre Shakti, Lyric Seal, Chelsea Poe, and Kitty Stryker walk (and wheel) down a street.

The beginning of this scene is super grungy and I am so into it. Also, there’s a fun little plot point where Chelsea drops the amulet thing and it’s revealed that actually, it’s not magic, she is just irresistible to the people of Oakland. This orgy is really diverse, and it’s fun to see who you can recognise from just a few seconds of screen time. I recognised Chelsea Poe, Lyric Seal, James Darling (in his really cute chest harness), Jiz Lee, Rameses Rodstein, Cinnamon Maxxine, and Cyn. Other performers in the scene are Ivy Dykes, Jeze Bell, Indigo, April Flores, Betty Blac, Juba, Vivenne Dawn, Nefarious, Kitty Stryker, and Andre Shakti. The reason I only count this as half a scene is that every shot has another shot over the top, so you have to look through an entirely different scene to see the one you want to focus on. It’s hard to see what exactly is happening, and the shots are often cut quite short. Obviously it’s hard to do in exactly the same way because this is much shorter, but I expected something more like Jiz Lee’s Dirty 30 Birthday Orgy. However, you can still hear a lot of slapping and moaning, and the music is really well selected, so it is still pretty sexy. The scene ends with Rameses Rodstein sucking on Chelsea’s tits and Andre Shakti fucking Chelsea until she cums.

I really love Fucking Mystic. I think it really ties together well as a film, and Chelsea Poe gets to show off her incredible talent. It’s a good sampling platter, especially when it comes to BDSM stuff. If you’re not quite sure what kind of porn you prefer, but you know you like rough sex and dominance, this film has a lot to offer. Even though I’m not 100% on two of the scenes in this film, I adore everything else, and think it’s well worth the price.

Download/Buy DVD Fucking Mystic from: Real Queer Porn, Early to Bed

Download individual scenes from: Chelsea’s Clips4Sale, Queer Porn TV

Stream Fucking Mystic from: Pink Label TV

Vote for Chelsea Poe for best trans performer in the 2016 AVN awards!

Fun Factory Big Boss G5 Review

The Fun Factory G5 Big Boss filled the gaping hole in my sex toy collection – for more than two years, I didn’t own a reliable internal vibrator. Sure, I had a (possibly? hopefully?) TPE disaster that I bought a month after my 18th birthday, but I’m sensible enough not to use that anymore. I briefly flirted with a Fun Factory Stronic Eins, but I don’t own one myself. The truth is, since I’ve graduated to body-safe materials, I have mainly whiled away my orgasming hours with dildos. Nevertheless, I have wanted the Big Boss for a while now, and I finally got around to buying it. The immediate upside to the Big Boss is that it is cheaper than the Stronic Eins at AUD130-150. I was disappointed that the G5 model doesn’t come in orange like the G4 did, but I settled with hot pink. (The peach looks more like a disembodied penis than most realistic dildos I have ever seen. Maybe it’s the lack of a base?) The charging base is magnetic, which gives me flashbacks, but it seemed to charge well enough while shoved in a drawer so that I didn’t have to stare at those annoying flashy lights. One thing I love about Fun Factory, though, is that all their rechargeable toys come with a USB charger rather than a wall charger, so I can buy Fun Factory toys from the US or the UK and not have to worry about getting a down-step transformer.

big-boss-2The silicone on this vibrator was another fun surprise. I expected it to be draggy like my other Fun Factory toy, the Amor stub, but it was quite smooth. Not quite buttery, but not pulling on my skin either. That said, it is still a major lint magnet! Plus, there is a fair amount of give to the silicone, which is not something I expected from a vibrator. Most insertables I’ve used have a very thin silicone layer over the plastic housing, so this was a really nice change. I was worried that this softness would dampen the vibrations, but it really, really didn’t.

The Big Boss is, well, big. At its largest point, it is 1.8 inches in diameter. That’s bigger than the Tantus Cush O2. Insertion is a bit of a feat, and the first few times I felt that I had to warm up before I even went near the Big Boss. I don’t need to do that too much anymore, but I do need to be aroused. I can’t shove this straight into me like I can with other smaller dildos, which leads to some awkward juggling when one hand is holding the Doxy Wand and the other hand is smeared with lube. (which I need a lot of with the Big Boss!) It takes a while to ease the head into me, and I can’t have anything in my ass while I’m doing it or I clench right up, but there’s a really satisfying pop when the ridge passes mbig-boss-1y vaginal entrance. Even if the initial stretch is painful, as soon as the Big Boss makes contact with my g-spot, I can’t even feel it. The vibrations are deep and rumbly and it feels like they even stimulate my cock. I haven’t squirted with the Big Boss yet, but that is mostly because pulling it out makes me a little too sensitive for me to do very quickly, so it tends to stay quite stationary when I’m using it.

One pet peeve is that once the Big Boss is turned on, it starts its vibrations in the middle, so you either have to scroll down before inserting it, or deal with the sudden drop in sensation when scrolling down while it’s inserted. I also really love the patterns, because they aren’t pulses with pauses in between, but waves with increasing and decreasing strengths. I hardly ever use them when I’m close to orgasm though, because I find that the patterns mess with the build up, due to the strength of the vibrator. If it was weaker (knock on wood) I probably could stay with the patterns, but the Big Boss really interacts with the external vibrator. The shape of this vibrator is also ingenious. I’ve already mentioned how much I love the head, but there’s a bump just underneath the head that presses right up against my G-spot. I prefer to tilt my toys by pulling the handle to the floor, and this bump really facilitates that. I can’t feel the ridges on the lower end of the vibrator, though, because I can’t ever fit the whole of the Big Boss inside me. Maybe if you have a longer vaginal canal, you might be able to feel the ridges, but they don’t do anything for me. The looped handle is a bit odd to hold and I can’t really get a hang of how to use it for thrusting, but it’s handy for jiggling type motions.


I don’t want to fault a toy for something it’s not meant to do, but just in case you were looking for a versatile vibrator, the Big Boss doesn’t work for external stimulation in my opinion. The handle is too long and the silicone too flexible to reliably stimulate my cock. However, I can push my cock down to meet the rest of the shaft and receive external stimulation that way. It’s incredibly lazy and I’ve only done it as a last resort when all my other external vibrators were out of battery, and I don’t expect that every person with a clitoris (especially not cis women) would be able to do this. It’s really a testament to the strength of the vibrations, that they travel all the way down the shaft. Surprisingly, though, the handle doesn’t vibrate very much.

The Big Boss is a really well-received addition to my sex toy collection. If you can handle the size, the deep, rumbly vibrations of the Big Boss are well worth the price.

If you’re interested in buying a Fun Factory Big Boss G5, you can find one at my favourite stores: Max Black (AU, NZ), Lovehoney (AU, US, UK), Peepshow Toys (US), SheVibe (US), SheBop (US), Fun Factory (EU)

Fuze Velvet Review

velvet-1It felt like every time I went into my local sex shop, the Fuze Velvet was sold out. When the shop attendant was trying to help me find a substitute, she asked what I liked most about the Fuze. The answer was “um… everything!” I loved the texture, the shape, the colour, the ridges on the back. I ended up with the Fun Factory Amor Stub, but that didn’t satiate my desire for the Velvet. The thing that kept bringing me back to the Velvet was the promise of stimulation for the wearer during strap on sex. I was a real newbie to strap on sex – I didn’t even own a proper harness – but I already knew that I wouldn’t be able to orgasm from the pressure of a traditional base alone. The Velvet, and its siblings from the Fuze Dildo and the Fuze Ten collections all feature ridges that press up against the wearer’s genitals to give friction while they are penetrating a partner. There is also a slot for a bullet vibrator near the base, which can stimulate both people if the vibrator is strong enough. Receiving pleasure during strap on sex is really important to me as a transmasculine person, and it helps me feel more connected to my partner. I saved up, and after a long wait, (check your junk mail for emails from Early to Bed, people!) my friend and I received our matching dildos in the mail.

velvet-2I would endorse the Velvet if you are looking for your first strap on toy, with a few caveats. On the plus side, it’s USD 48 from Early to Bed, or about AUD 65, which I think is a pretty reasonable price for a silicone, body safe dildo. It’s only 1 inch in diameter and 5.5 inches long, which means it is very slim and not intimidating for anal use. However, I would only use the Velvet anally when paired with a harness, because the base isn’t very flared, so it could get sucked into the anal cavity. The silicone itself is very smooth, rather than glossy or draggy, but is a bit of a lint magnet, as most silicone is. The colour has a lovely sheen when wet, which makes lubing it up a pleasure every time. However, you should only get the Fuze if you already have or intend to buy a good quality harness with an interchangeable smaller sized o-ring, and a good quality bullet vibe. The harness has to sit over your clitoris rather than on your pubic mound so that the base makes good contact with your genitals. For example, I can’t get the Fuze to work with my Cal Exotics Packer Gear Boxers because the o-ring is too big. It won’t work with my Wild Hide Maxie harness because it won’t sit comfortably over my genitals. When I first used the Velvet, I had a DIY harness with the right sized o-ring, but with an average, non-rigorous thrusting, it would be pushed back into the harness. I find that the Aslan Jaguar harness (with a new, smaller o-ring) is the best option, and it makes for a really natural silhouette because of the way the Velvet curves up from my crotch. Another consideration is whether you have a problem with pressure and friction on your genitals. I’ve always loved pretty strong pressure, but when I first used the Velvet before hormones, it was uncomfortable without a thick lube between my cock and the base. After two years on hormones, though, I don’t mind more intense friction.

On the receiving end, my girlfriend enjoys the Velvet, and says it hits her g-spot when I wield it correctly. I also find that when using the Velvet manually, I can easily angle the head to hit my g-spot, but personally find that the head isn’t broad enough for my tastes, and the shaft is too thin. My girlfriend can feel the ridges on the shaft during use, and they aren’t particularly pleasurable or particularly painful, but I find them to be quite stimulating around my entrance when I use it. She also prefers softer silicone, and when there’s a dual stimulating, dual density dildo, I’ll be all over it, but the Velvet wasn’t uncomfortable. We also found that the shaft was a bit short for some positions, but our staples of missionary and cowgirl were easily achieved. So, while the shorter length may be a plus for beginners, it can be a bit frustrating for more experienced strappers. Another downside during use is trying to find the right bullet vibe. The cheapo watch battery bullet I bought from Early to Bed was buzzy and difficult to pull out of the cavity after use, but the We-Vibe Tango is the exact opposite. The Tango is known for its rumbly vibrations, which really translates when I’m wearing the Velvet. However, it is much longer than the Velvet’s vibrator hole, and frequently falls out while I’m fucking. This problem is alleviated somewhat if I’m on my back, but that minimises the friction of the ridges on my cock and means I play a less active role in sex. The shaft carries the Tango’s vibrations well, and my girlfriend could feel them while I was fucking her. No dildo with a vibe in the base is going to be as strong as an out-and-out insertable vibrator, but it is a nice addition to sex.

velvet-3“What about the most important part!”, I hear you ask. “Can the Velvet make you orgasm?” Well, no, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it, or that it won’t work for you. It takes a lot of side-to-side stimulation for me to orgasm manually, and a fair amount of focus for me to orgasm with something like the Tango. I do feel more in touch with what’s going on when I’m wearing the Velvet, though, and I’m sufficiently worked up when it’s my turn. I think that there’s a significant societal pressure upon sexual partners to orgasm simultaneously, but this just isn’t feasible for a lot of people, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s fine to take turns, and I’m trying to learn that sex shouldn’t be so goal oriented, because that makes it harder to actually reach an orgasm. Saying that, I’m still excited to try the Velvet and the Tantus Realdoe after using a cock pump, which is a tip I learnt from Karlyn Lotney’s The Ultimate Guide to Strap On Sex. However, if you find it easy to orgasm from manual stimulation or you don’t need strong vibrations to get off, then the Velvet may just bring you that fabled strap on orgasm. I think overall, the Velvet is a great idea that is executed well. Other Fuze toys employ the same basic concept but with a variety of colours (though unfortunately only in a Caucasian skin tone at the moment) and widths, meaning that you can probably find a dildo that is the perfect fit for you and your partner.

If you’re interested in buying a Fuze Velvet, you can find one at my favourite stores: Early to Bed (US), SheBop (US), SheVibe (US)