About Finn

About Me!

Heya! (I bet some of y’all expect me to say g’day?) I’m Finn, and I write the content for Fuckleberry Finn Reviews. In case you couldn’t tell, what I write is sex toy reviews! Whether it was sneaking into the adult section of the library in primary school, or talking my friends’ ears off about sex toys today, I’ve always had a keen interest in sex. I’m learning more and more about safe toy materials, reputable companies, and what exactly my body likes. The first sex toy I ever bought was the Fun Factory Amor, and my love for dildos has grown immeasurably since then!

I’m a medical transitioning nonbinary transmasculine person, I use the pronouns they/them, and I have been taking testosterone for almost two years. I also had top surgery in July 2016! I feel like there aren’t many transmasculine sex bloggers out there, especially not ones who update frequently. Vulvas, especially clitorides, behave differently when exposed to testosterone, and there are specific ways that social pressures that interact with sex and gender in regards to transgender people. I feel like talking openly about these issues will encourage trans people, particularly transmasculine people in my case, to augment their sex lives and talk more openly about sex and sexuality. Plus, everyone’s junk is different, so why not broaden the pool? I’m bisexual and polyamorous, and in a long term relationship with my girlfriend, who is a trans woman. I like to fuck (with) random men from Grindr and am trying to get involved in my local kink scene. I consider myself a dick pic connoisseur.

I live with schizoaffective disorder, OCD, panic disorder, chronic pain, and CFS. I’m passionate about disabled people getting it on in a way that is comfortable for them, and hope to inject some of this into my writing.

I’m also from Sydney, Australia, so I’ll be seeking out Australian sellers, so you can get good quality sex toys without forking out for shipping.

When I’m not writing sex toy reviews, I’m watching Pride, studying creative writing and modern history, or working in retail just enough to cover my Crash Pad membership.

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About My Dick!

I have been taking testosterone for almost 2 years, meaning that my cock is about 1.75 inches in length now, and considerably girthier than it used to be. I use the largest cylinder in the Size Matters Clitoral Pump, if that means anything to anyone. My inner labia are very small but my mons and outer labia are quite fleshy. I have never, ever shaved, and I hope I never will.

I like strong wand-style vibrations to be diffuse so I can use them over my hood, and more medium strength vibrations to be more pinpoint so I can use them on the head of my cock. I prefer rumbly to buzzy, but I also don’t suffer from numb junk as easily as other people seem to. I need medium strength vibrations to orgasm.

I can take up to 1.8″ vaginally, with some prep, and my preferred size is 1.5″. I have ejaculated on some occasions, but only a small dribble. I am a texture newbie. I enjoy internal vibrations, but I am more annoyed by buzzy vibrations than I am externally.

I’m an anal newbie, and I can take up to 1.25″. I’m very sensitive to texture in my ass.


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