The sky blue L'Amourose Prism V lying on a floral bedspread.

L’Amourose Prism V Review

The sky blue L'Amourose Prism V lying on a floral bedspread.The L’Amourose Prism V has become my sneaky jerk-off vibe, as well as my go-to travel vibe. Last week I was on holidays in the country, and when I was picking what toys I wanted to bring with me, I immediately knew that I wanted the Prism V. I received it from Max Black a few months ago after lusting after it for months, and the honeymoon period looks like it’s never going to end.

The Prism V is made of body safe, non porous silicone, meaning that it won’t leech chemicals or harbour bacteria, and can be cleaned with a toy cleaner or a 10% bleach solution (provided you rinse that off afterwards!). It’s also fully waterproof and submersible! It charges via USB, which I am usually wary of, but I found that the charging for the Prism V was easier than I expected, and it really holds a charge well.

A closeup of the buttons on the L'Amourose Prism VAesthetically, the Prism V is to die for. I chose the sky blue because it made me think of floating on a soft cloud, but it also comes in a royal blue and an orange-y red that are equally enticing. I’ve seen all three models in person, and the colours are as appealing in reality as in photos. The silicone is also some of the best silicone I’ve ever felt on a vibrator. I was a big fan of Lelo’s silicone, but I think this stuff is way silkier. I spent a good ten minutes just stroking it when I pulled it out of the box, it’s that soft. I’m also head over heels with the buttons on this vibe! It is honestly the most intuitive button system I’ve encountered. I can find everything by feel, and when the Prism V is inserted, I don’t even need to think before I can find the buttons to change speed and settings. The plus button is on the lowest portion of the toy, which is where I usually hold it, so it’s no effort at all to turn up the intensity. This is the first vibe where I remember the placings of the buttons by heart. I love it. All vibrators should have buttons like this.

I think the design of the Prism V is incredible. The head is quite large, which helps with putting pressure on my G spot, but also means that I love the Prism V externally. I often find that strong vibes like the We-Vibe Tango are too small to feel good, because I want my vibrator to cover the whole surface area of my cock when I’m masturbating. Because of the effects of testosterone, my cock is larger than the average clitoris, so it’s hard to find external vibrators that are large enough for that. The Prism V, however, pulls through, and I can cover my whole cock with the head. Additionally, the curve is great internally, and really hones in on my G spot. Externally, it is wonderful too. If I use it on my cock with the handle pointing away from me, I can increase the pressure and change the angle without much difficulty. It feels like a natural position for my hand to be in, and doesn’t exacerbate my joint issues. The direction of the handle does make it feel like I’m jacking up a car with each thrust, and it might be a bit difficult if you have short arms, but I find it does the job well. I can thrust and put pressure on my G spot with minimal effort, and, after all, isn’t laziness the point of masturbation?

The sky blue L'Amourose Prism V lying on a floral bedspread.I was really drawn to the Prism V by the promise of rumbly vibrations. I wanted a smaller-sized internal vibrator that I could use easily. I only owned the Lelo Ina 2 and the Fun Factory Big Boss G5, so I needed something that was small enough to insert without preparation, and didn’t have a pesky clitoral arm. I like vibrations internally, but I am more sensitive to buzzy vibrations in my front hole than I am on my cock, so rumbly is a must. Buzzy vibrations make me itch and numb me out, whereas rumbly ones will reach my internal clitoris and add to the whole experience of a vibrator on my cock. These vibrations are sufficiently rumbly, except for a bit of buzz on the higher settings. I like them internally, and I can feel them light up the rest of my internal complexes. Externally, I find them to be strong enough to easily bring me to orgasm. The vibrations do travel up the handle, but they don’t make my hand itch and they don’t hurt my joints in the way something like the Magic Wand does. I’m also a big fan of the patterns. There’s a wave, a faster wave, a pulse, and a random one. Unlike my preferences externally, I like a few patterns in an internal vibe, and I prefer them to be continuous, rather than having breaks between pulses. The Prism V has two continuous vibration settings, and they can be a lot of fun. The random setting is also a fun warm up setting, because my G spot doesn’t know what to expect. The G spot stimulation I get from the Prism V is great, and especially good when paired with thrusting. The neck of the Prism V is thin, so it doesn’t fill me up the way I like, but my G spot is happy enough for that not to matter.

The Prism V is a wonderful travel vibe. It charges via USB, so can be taken internationally. It also holds charge super well. It is a reasonable size in use but doesn’t take up heaps of space when packing, and comes with a storage pouch. It’s not as small as the quintessential travel vibe, the We-Vibe Tango, but if you need broader stimulation or want the option of using it internally, I don’t think you can go past the Prism V. The only downside is that it’s a bit loud, so might be able to be heard through exceptionally thin walls, but I can’t hear it through covers and my bedroom door when it’s on the highest setting.

Other than the volume, I can’t think of anything bad about the Prism V. It is beautiful, designed well, rumbly, strong, and reasonably priced. I am considering buying a second, so I can use both at once. I’ve never considered buying back-ups of a toy before, but the Prism V has brought me to this point. Honestly, I think if you want a rumbly internal vibe or something that feels comfortable during use externally, buy the Prism V. Maybe buy two.

If you’re interested in buying a L’Amourose Prism V, you can find one at my favourite stores: Max Black (AU, NZ), Lovehoney (AU, US, UK), Early to Bed (US), Peepshow Toys (US), SheBop (US), SheVibe (US)

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