The Tantus Acute lying on a platter.

Tantus Acute Review

The Tantus Acute standing upright.The Tantus Acute was a favourite of mine for a long time, and I think it is a wonderful beginner dildo. When I bought the Acute, I was looking for an everyday dildo. My regular rotation included the 1.75 inch diameter Tantus Cush, that I adored but was a bit overwhelming for everyday use, and the 1 inch diameter Fuze Velvet that was just a bit too small to be satisfying. I was drawn to the Acute for its curve and slight ridges, and for many months the Iroha Midori and the Acute were partners in crime. Sure, now they’ve been replaced with stronger and more earth-shattering (is there really another term for the Mustang?) counterparts, but there was a reason the Acute was my favourite for so long. It is simple, but still has some interesting features that can make it a real star.

A side view of the Tantus Acute.I think silicone is the best material for a first dildo, because it is body safe – both phthalate free and non-porous, so won’t leech chemicals or harbour bacteria – and soft enough to be a bit forgiving. Firmer materials like glass or steel can sometimes be a bit overwhelming with how intense the sensations they cause are. The Acute is made from standard density silicone, so it has a bit of give but still holds shape when squeezed. I think this nicely complements the curve the Acute is equipped with, which rocks up against my G spot. The shape is not a G spot missile or anything, but a medium amount of thrusting makes the head drag along the G spot. The head, which does the most dragging, is not intense. It isn’t much larger than the shaft, and doesn’t provide a popping sensation like something with a more mushroom-y head, like the Shilo, might. I personally like the popping sensation, so if you know that you’re really into that, this dildo might disappoint, but know that it still provides reasonable G spot stimulation. I don’t think I could have an internal orgasm from the Acute, and don’t think I could with most silicone dildos these days, but the Acute can add extra sensation to a mostly externally focused orgasm. G spots generally like a bit of pressure, so silicone of this firmness is a good middle ground if stainless steel or glass is going to be too intense for you. Thrusting is also easy with the Acute, because it is only 5 inches long, and doesn’t jab anything in my small vaginal canal.

The Tantus Acute lying on a platter.There are also ridges on the shaft of the Acute, which provides a subtle texture when thrusted. I quite enjoy ripple-type texture, but I find these ridges to be a bit too small to really add to the experience much. However, this is only a recent discovery, because when I first used the Acute I remember specifically remarking on the texture. That’s why I think the Acute could be a great introduction to texture – it’s not so intense that it would be grating like, say, the Tantus Bound, but there’s enough texture that you can work out if you want more. I feel the ridges more during insertion, as they pass through my vaginal entrance, than on my vaginal walls, so thrusting is key to really appreciating this texture.

Overall, this dildo is easy. It’s only 1.25 inches in diameter, so I don’t need to work up with it. It’s light, so I can thrust with it pretty easily. It doesn’t have intense texture or provide intense G spot stimulation, so I can use it regardless of what mood I’m in. If yesterday my G spot was pummeled into next year and I want to give it a rest? The Acute is a solid choice. My mental list for a beginner’s dildo is as follow: must be body safe and non-porous, must be equal to or smaller than 1.5 inches in diameter, must be shorter than 6 inches high, must be anal safe and harness compatible. The Acute does all these things, and adds a curve and a bit of texture to boot. This dildo doesn’t have to have all the bells and whistles, it can just be good, and I am certain that it is.

If you’re interested in buying a Tantus Acute, you can find one at my favourite stores:  Tantus (US), SheVibe (US)

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