Fun Factory Bootie Small Review

The Fun Factory BootieFor as long as I have been interested in sex, I have been curious about anal play. There was a whole section of nerves and potentially pleasurable sensations that I was excited to explore, but due to my OCD, I was unable to realise this fantasy. It was only until I bought the Fun Factory Bootie Small that I was able to get into butt stuff without triggering my contamination fears. The Bootie is a really good beginner plug, and even now that I feel comfortable using slightly larger plugs, it still sees more or less frequent use.

I can use the Bootie Small without any warm up, which was the most important thing for me when I was buying my first butt plug. It clocks in at 1.1 inches in diameter at its largest point, and 3 inches in length, which I would consider manageable for most people. It is just a little wider than one of my fingers, but smaller than two. Along with some viscous water-based lube like Sliquid Sassy, I can slip the Bootie right in. However, the flexibility of the silicone means I often need to hold it at the neck rather than the base to keep it stable during insertion. The shape is curved, designed to reach the prostate, and I can’t speak for how well it does that, but it certainly enhances the feeling of “fullness” if anything is in my front hole. I also like to clench around the Bootie, because I can feel it move around in my ass. I’m sufficiently aware of it’s presence during use. The Bootie also conducts vibrations well, and I quite like having the We-Vibe Tango pressed up against the base. However, I’m still new to anal play so I might be particularly sensitive. I have found that I have to be relatively clean if I’m going to use the Bootie, otherwise particles can press into the walls of my anus, making things feel pretty uncomfortable. This doesn’t mean you have to use a douche or be on on a liquid fast or anything, but going to the bathroom at least an hour before inserting the Bootie usually works for me. Because it’s silicone, the Bootie also hangs onto butt smells in a way that stainless steel or glass plugs don’t, which might be a downside for some people. I don’t really mind it because the Bootie is only ever destined to be in my butt, but if I was using a dildo between my anus and my front hole, smells might trigger my contamination fears. Overall, the way I would describe the Bootie Small is comfortable. It brings my body’s awareness to my butt, but doesn’t overwhelm me.

The Fun Factory Bootie in between two of my fingers.A big part of the reason I wanted a butt plug was for long term wear. It sounds cliche, but the illicit thrill of doing something sexual without anyone knowing about it, or ever able to know about it, is really exciting. I’m also interested in the possibilities to use butt plugs for kink, and combining that thrill with a power play dynamic. The base of the Bootie is really comfortable between my cheeks, unless I am doing a lot of walking, when it can chafe a little. I find the base to be a perfect length, and I have no problems when walking or when fucking myself in my front hole. It is also quite flexible and will move with my body. I have never felt any uncomfortable jabbing, even in positions where a dildo in my front hole would usually be uncomfortable. I do find that after about an hour, my butt can start to feel a little dry, which is fine if I’m home and can just top up the lube, but is more of a problem if I am out of the house and can’t slip away somewhere to reapply. I haven’t had a heap of experience with butt plugs so I’m not sure if it is the particular texture of this toy that makes it dry up so easily, or if it is just a fact of using a silicone butt plug. I don’t feel the same about my njoy Pure Plug, which is stainless steel.

I think the Bootie Small is a great first plug. First of all, it is body safe, and completely sanitisable, which is especially important for anal toys. Just spray it with a 10% bleach solution or boil it for 3 minutes to sanitise. The sensations aren’t anything earth-shattering, which means you won’t be overwhelmed, but you don’t easily forget that the plug is there, because your ass keeps wanting to pull and squeeze at it. It is also incredibly affordable, and I think the cheapest toy in my collection. I like the njoy Pure Plug better, but if you can’t afford that, or think it might be too intense, the Bootie is a formidable alternative.

f you’re interested in buying the Fun Factory Bootie Small, you can find one at my favourite stores: Max Black (AU), Early to Bed (US), Peepshow Toys (US), SheVibe (US), SheBop (US)

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