The Iroha Midori, with some of the outer silicone layer being pinched to create a wrinkle,

Tenga Iroha Midori Review

The Iroha Midori in its magnetic charging case, which is a covered by clear plastic.I got to know my Tenga Iroha Midori again this Christmas, while my family were over and I was sleeping in the lounge room because someone was staying in my room. It’s quiet, small, and for a long while has lived in my bedside drawer. Before a shower, I can shove it in my pocket without anyone noticing as I sneak out of my room and into the bathroom. (Not that the Iroha line are waterproof, they’re only splash proof, but the bathroom is the only room in my house with a lock.) Over this time, I remembered why I was devoted to this little vibrator for so long. The first vibrator I ever used was a partner’s original model of the Lelo Mona, and while it gave me easy orgasms, I found the shape awkward for external stimulation, especially after hormones. I received the Neon Bullet XL (which I only picked because it was neon green) for my 18th birthday, and it ran on one AAA battery and had one pathetic speed. I then bought the Pipedream Maxi Wanachi Massager, which was super buzzy (read: bad) and noisier than I was comfortable with. My first luxury vibrator was the ill-fated We-Vibe Touch, which I exchanged for the Iroha Midori. I was a bit nervous about the magnetic charging, but it seemed that gravity and the nice charging house worked in my favour, and I have never had a problem with charging the Midori. The Midori was the first vibrator that I really loved, that really worked for me. It was a stalwart for a good year and a half, until I encountered the  powerhouse that is the Magic Wand, and subsequently bought my beloved Doxy Wand. With the combination of the Doxy and more time home alone, I didn’t need the Midori as much anymore, because size and noise volume weren’t important factors in my masturbation anymore. That doesn’t mean that the Midori isn’t any good though, as I learnt these holidays.

The Iroha Midori sitting on fabric.The Midori isn’t as strong as the Touch, and only has three speeds to the Touch’s four. However, I can come on the second setting, and the third setting gets me there with ease. I would consider the Midori to be gentle. (Evidence that high-power wands do not numb your genitals, at least not permanently.) The vibrations are also acceptably rumbly, which is impressive because this line is Tenga’s first shot at making a vibrator, as opposed to the penis masturbators they also design. I chose the Midori instead of the other vibrators in the original Iroha line because it was green for the possibility of both broad and pinpoint stimulation, because I was just working out what I liked in a vibrator. I now know that I like gentler vibrators to be more pinpoint, so I can position them on the exposed tip of my cock, and stronger vibrators to be more broad, so I can stimulate the shaft of my cock through the hood. The smaller section of the Midori toes that line between broad enough to cover the tip of my cock, which has grown due to hormones, and pinpoint enough to deliver really direct vibrations to that area. What makes the Midori my The Iroha Midori, with some of the outer silicone layer being pinched to create a wrinkle,favourite vibrator for this kind of stimulation is something that I think is unique to the Iroha line – they are all made of a soft, squishy elastomer covered in body-safe silicone. This means that I can apply a lot of pressure to my cock without feeling like it is being crushed, and I don’t feel bruised afterwards like I can from an intense session with the Magic Wand. Before hormones, I also used to liked to use the Midori upside down, with the power buttons facing away from me, and most of the body of the vibrator in contact with my junk, butI find this too diffuse nowadays, because the vibrations are focused in the smaller portion.

The Midori is a commendable first vibrator from Tenga, especially with the soft texture. It is not incredibly pinpoint, but it is not too broad for my tastes. I would definitely recommend it as someone’s first luxury vibrator if they know they can orgasm from medium-level vibrations.

If you’re interested in buying a Tenga Iroha Midori, you can find one at my favourite stores: Max Black (AU, NZ), SheVibe (US)

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