The Lelo Ina 2, lying on a bed.

Lelo Ina 2 Review

The Lelo Ina 2 in its box.A little while ago, I wrote a pretty scathing draft review of the Lelo Ina 2, but that night I used the Ina 2 again, and realised I was being a bit too harsh. I wrote my reviews for the Ina 2 and the Fun Factory Big Boss G5 at the same time, and my infatuation with the Big Boss really overshadowed the Ina 2. Additionally, I had just heard about Lelo’s choice to make Charlie Sheen their spokesperson for their terrible condom. On top of that, I’m generally bitter about the concept of rabbit vibrators. They promise hands-free stimulation, amazing orgasms, and the idea of the one toy to end them all, but so rarely do they deliver on all or even one of those promises. Though the Ina 2 is made of body-safe silicone, I’m still aware that most vibrators are made of chemical-leeching jelly, or porous materials. I was particularly drawn to the Ina 2 because I heard about the clamp-like pressure of the external stimulator. I love intense pressure, frequently mashing my Doxy Wand against my genitals as I near orgasm, and I hoped the Ina 2 could do the same, without the arm strain. The Lelo Ina 2 would be my first Lelo product of my very own, and I bought it in January 2016 with the last of my Christmas money from – where else – Max Black.

A photo of the lime green Lelo Ina 2, focusing on the ABS plastic handle.Aesthetically, the Ina 2 is certainly a winner. I bought mine in lime green (my favourite colour!), which was a refreshing break from the pinks and purples that are usually available. It also comes in purple and orange. The silicone is less draggy than even the smoothest of Fun Factory toys, and isn’t a lint-magnet like Tantus toys are. It’s my favourite texture for vibrating toys, that really silky kind that just begs to be touched. Unlike the Lelo Wave range, the button section is hard plastic rather than silicone, which I prefer because it makes the buttons easier to press. The buttons are simple and placed in a good position for use. I really love that the patterns can also be increased or decreased in intensity. The charger is a socket charger, which I love because I’m currently inundated with USB chargers and I only have so many USB ports available. If you really need to, you can also use it while it’s charging. This is probably really bad for the battery, but it’s useful to know for emergencies. Orgasm emergencies. As with all Lelo products, the packaging is simple and tasteful, and it comes with a drawstring toy bag. I don’t use this though, because I keep most of my vibrators in their original packaging, or in my bedside drawer.

There doesn’t seem to be a simple constant vibration on the Ina 2 – every mode either pulses in some way or only vibrates in one arm (what’s the point of a dual-stimulation vibrator if you’re only going to use one end, I ask?) – but the first setting is more wave-like rather than having a large and distracting gap between pulses. I like the final setting because it’s hard to describe and predict, but I can’t orgasm with it because I can’t really ride out the peak with the strength constantly fluctuating. None of the settings are particularly loud, and are easily muffled by blankets, and walls, both of the brick and vaginal variety. The vibrations are strong, but they aren’t particularly deep. As in, they don’t shake my internal clitoris like other more rumbly toys do. In fact, sometimes the vibrations make my vaginal walls start to itch. This isn’t like the needing-to-pee sensation that I get from some serious g-spotting. This is like the itch you get from holding a shitty bullet vibe for too long. Now, I’m not saying the Ina 2 feels like a watch battery bullet, just that its vibrations are more on the side of buzzy than of rumbly. It’s waterproof too, but I find using silicone insertable in the bath to be a bit of a disaster, because water-based lube washes right off.

The biggest let down of this toy, however, is the clitoral arm. No matter what I do, it always rolls off my cock. Granted, thanks to testosterone, my cock is a bit bigger than the average clitoris. No matter how hard I jam it under, I can’t get any pressure, or really, any vibration onto the place where it’s meant to be. The arm doesn’t even stimulate the side of my cock, and instead it’s just happy vibrating my pubic bone. I have to press my cock onto the clitoral arm in order to feel the vibrations, which is, sadly, not hands-free at all. As with all dual-stimulation vibrators, it might not even touch your clitoris. If I leave it partially inserted so that it only touches the tip of my cock, I feel poked and it’s somewhat painful. There’s just no good position for it to naturally stimulate my cock. The insertable portion is a similar shape to the Lelo Mona 2, which I recall loving when I was a vibrator newbie, but I’ve come to learn that my g-spot likes a larger surface area, and either pressure, tugging, or strong rumbly vibrations. The Ina provides none of these. The section that is in contact with my g-spot feels thin, I can’t really push anything to provide more pressure, and the vibrations are, as I’ve said, not the best I’ve ever felt. If the insertable arm was more bulbous, maybe I would be more enthused. It’s like the Ina notices my g-spot, the Ina buys my g-spot a drink at the bar, but it buys it the cheapest whiskey available.

The Lelo Ina 2, lying on a bed.The Ina 2 is not the worst toy I’ve ever used, but it’s very close to being the most expensive. For around AUD 250, I expected it to be incredible. I expected to want to use it all the time. As it is, I only use the Ina 2 when all my other toys are out of battery or too loud for the occasion. You could just as easily buy the Fun Factory Big Boss G5 and the We-Vibe Tango, and have much better orgasms. Plus, you’d have two toys that you could use separately, rather than one that is permanently fuzed together. Maybe the Ina 2 would work for you if your clitoris is smaller than mine, but you like the same intense pressure that I do. I don’t hate the Ina 2, and I still use it occasionally, but I really wanted to love it, and I just don’t.

If you’re interested in buying a Lelo Ina 2, you can find one at my favourite stores: Lovehoney (AU, UK), Good Vibrations (US), Peepshow Toys (US), SheVibe (US), SheBop (US)

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