Fuze Velvet Review

velvet-1It felt like every time I went into my local sex shop, the Fuze Velvet was sold out. When the shop attendant was trying to help me find a substitute, she asked what I liked most about the Fuze. The answer was “um… everything!” I loved the texture, the shape, the colour, the ridges on the back. I ended up with the Fun Factory Amor Stub, but that didn’t satiate my desire for the Velvet. The thing that kept bringing me back to the Velvet was the promise of stimulation for the wearer during strap on sex. I was a real newbie to strap on sex – I didn’t even own a proper harness – but I already knew that I wouldn’t be able to orgasm from the pressure of a traditional base alone. The Velvet, and its siblings from the Fuze Dildo and the Fuze Ten collections all feature ridges that press up against the wearer’s genitals to give friction while they are penetrating a partner. There is also a slot for a bullet vibrator near the base, which can stimulate both people if the vibrator is strong enough. Receiving pleasure during strap on sex is really important to me as a transmasculine person, and it helps me feel more connected to my partner. I saved up, and after a long wait, (check your junk mail for emails from Early to Bed, people!) my friend and I received our matching dildos in the mail.

velvet-2I would endorse the Velvet if you are looking for your first strap on toy, with a few caveats. On the plus side, it’s USD 48 from Early to Bed, or about AUD 65, which I think is a pretty reasonable price for a silicone, body safe dildo. It’s only 1 inch in diameter and 5.5 inches long, which means it is very slim and not intimidating for anal use. However, I would only use the Velvet anally when paired with a harness, because the base isn’t very flared, so it could get sucked into the anal cavity. The silicone itself is very smooth, rather than glossy or draggy, but is a bit of a lint magnet, as most silicone is. The colour has a lovely sheen when wet, which makes lubing it up a pleasure every time. However, you should only get the Fuze if you already have or intend to buy a good quality harness with an interchangeable smaller sized o-ring, and a good quality bullet vibe. The harness has to sit over your clitoris rather than on your pubic mound so that the base makes good contact with your genitals. For example, I can’t get the Fuze to work with my Cal Exotics Packer Gear Boxers because the o-ring is too big. It won’t work with my Wild Hide Maxie harness because it won’t sit comfortably over my genitals. When I first used the Velvet, I had a DIY harness with the right sized o-ring, but with an average, non-rigorous thrusting, it would be pushed back into the harness. I find that the Aslan Jaguar harness (with a new, smaller o-ring) is the best option, and it makes for a really natural silhouette because of the way the Velvet curves up from my crotch. Another consideration is whether you have a problem with pressure and friction on your genitals. I’ve always loved pretty strong pressure, but when I first used the Velvet before hormones, it was uncomfortable without a thick lube between my cock and the base. After two years on hormones, though, I don’t mind more intense friction.

On the receiving end, my girlfriend enjoys the Velvet, and says it hits her g-spot when I wield it correctly. I also find that when using the Velvet manually, I can easily angle the head to hit my g-spot, but personally find that the head isn’t broad enough for my tastes, and the shaft is too thin. My girlfriend can feel the ridges on the shaft during use, and they aren’t particularly pleasurable or particularly painful, but I find them to be quite stimulating around my entrance when I use it. She also prefers softer silicone, and when there’s a dual stimulating, dual density dildo, I’ll be all over it, but the Velvet wasn’t uncomfortable. We also found that the shaft was a bit short for some positions, but our staples of missionary and cowgirl were easily achieved. So, while the shorter length may be a plus for beginners, it can be a bit frustrating for more experienced strappers. Another downside during use is trying to find the right bullet vibe. The cheapo watch battery bullet I bought from Early to Bed was buzzy and difficult to pull out of the cavity after use, but the We-Vibe Tango is the exact opposite. The Tango is known for its rumbly vibrations, which really translates when I’m wearing the Velvet. However, it is much longer than the Velvet’s vibrator hole, and frequently falls out while I’m fucking. This problem is alleviated somewhat if I’m on my back, but that minimises the friction of the ridges on my cock and means I play a less active role in sex. The shaft carries the Tango’s vibrations well, and my girlfriend could feel them while I was fucking her. No dildo with a vibe in the base is going to be as strong as an out-and-out insertable vibrator, but it is a nice addition to sex.

velvet-3“What about the most important part!”, I hear you ask. “Can the Velvet make you orgasm?” Well, no, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it, or that it won’t work for you. It takes a lot of side-to-side stimulation for me to orgasm manually, and a fair amount of focus for me to orgasm with something like the Tango. I do feel more in touch with what’s going on when I’m wearing the Velvet, though, and I’m sufficiently worked up when it’s my turn. I think that there’s a significant societal pressure upon sexual partners to orgasm simultaneously, but this just isn’t feasible for a lot of people, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s fine to take turns, and I’m trying to learn that sex shouldn’t be so goal oriented, because that makes it harder to actually reach an orgasm. Saying that, I’m still excited to try the Velvet and the Tantus Realdoe after using a cock pump, which is a tip I learnt from Karlyn Lotney’s The Ultimate Guide to Strap On Sex. However, if you find it easy to orgasm from manual stimulation or you don’t need strong vibrations to get off, then the Velvet may just bring you that fabled strap on orgasm. I think overall, the Velvet is a great idea that is executed well. Other Fuze toys employ the same basic concept but with a variety of colours (though unfortunately only in a Caucasian skin tone at the moment) and widths, meaning that you can probably find a dildo that is the perfect fit for you and your partner.

If you’re interested in buying a Fuze Velvet, you can find one at my favourite stores: Early to Bed (US), SheBop (US), SheVibe (US)