We-Vibe Touch Review

My heartbreaking tryst with the We-Vibe Touch 2 has left me wary of magnetic recharging systems to this day. So much was riding on it when I first bought it, and it let me down. Deep, deep down. I bought the We-Vibe from my local sex store. It was the first rechargeable vibrator I had ever bought. I’d saved up for months. When I took it home, I was impatient to charge it, as I always am with new toys. It was rumbly in a way that “first time toys” rarely are, and I could reach orgasm on every setting. The patterns were fun, and the silicone was soft in my hands. But after a month or so, the Touch broke. It wouldn’t charge anymore, and I took it back to get a refund. The attendant explained that it was probably a faulty charging port, and exchanged it for a new vibe. I charged this one, and used it through ONE charge, but after that charge was used up, the vibe wouldn’t charge again. I went to the store for a third time, frustrated and disappointed. The attendant suggested I try a different model, but I was determined to try one last time. This time, I charged the Touch, used it once, and it never turned on again. I finally gave in, and exchanged it for a different vibe entirely. Thank god for reputable sex shops, thank god for warranties, thank god for options.

The We-Vibe is wonderful in a lot of ways, and there’s a reason I didn’t want to give it up without a fight. It was very exciting for a first toy, coming in a presentable little box, nestled in foam, with a toy bag. It’s wonderfully soft, and the shape makes it really easy to hold. I do tend to white-knuckle whatever I’m holding when I’m close to orgasm, and the Touch was just a bit too small to accommodate that, but it was otherwise easier to hold than your average bullet. The dip in the centre really allows for a secure grip. It’s strong too, much more so than anything else I had tried at the time. It’s still stronger than the replacement vibe I got when it broke for the third time. The patterns aren’t the best thing since sliced bread, but they’re more than bearable, and I found myself using the wave-like one to warm up. I am usually loathe to use the patterns on vibes, and only use the one on the Lelo Mona 2 that sounds like Old McDonald Had A Farm when I’m looking for a laugh. The Touch also had a wonderful cup shape, that I could cover over my whole cock for a really broad stimulation, (it probably wouldn’t fit now that I’ve been on hormones for almost two years, though) but it also had a pointier tip that could deliver more precise vibrations when that was what I was looking for. I didn’t love the controls, which is just a single button that you press to cycle through the different modes. This leads to the accidental switch from the highest level to the pulse setting, which is teeth-grindingly frustrating on the verge of orgasm. It was also a standard price for rechargeable vibrators – I paid AUD125, or USD95.

But despite all this, I can’t ever recommend someone this vibrator. It’s wonderful while it works, but that’s where the emphasis should be – while it works. I’m lucky that I’m so stubborn, because if I wasn’t, I might have sworn off rechargeables all together. Maybe I just had the worst luck, but I can’t discount three separate broken vibrators. Maybe if We-Vibe introduced a new charging base or updated the Touch again, I would think about buying another, but at the moment, I’m steering clear of this particular vibrator.

If you’re interested in buying a We-Vibe Touch, you can find one at my favourite stores: Early to Bed (US), Good Vibrations (US), Lovehoney (AU, US, UK), Peepshow Toys (US), Max Black (AU, NZ), SheVibe (US), and SheBop (US).